How to find time to write a blog?

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My honest answer is: I have no idea. I have always wondered how people can find time to write blogs. I never could. At times it gave me a feeling of guilt. During conferences and even after informal discussions I repeatedly heard: “It’s interesting. Did you write something about it?” Well, it’s quite frustrating. The answer was “No, I never have the time”.

Well, adding a blog section to my personal website is in a way an attempt to set up a structure for my time management. The website is a kind of virtual visit card, and there there is …. an empty space waiting for some writing. As a psychotherapist focusing largely om shame I do not aim at shaming myself, and the page will not function this way. This wouldn’t work anyway 🙂 It is rather a reminder and a tool helping me to follow my own commitment to reprioritize the use of my time. So, let’s start writing!

I hope that the blog will soon be populated by thoughts, ideas and reflections on topics that I care about or find inspirational. I also plan to comment on some current research, trends and events in the field of mental health.

If you’re revisiting my website and can’t find anything new over a long time, feel free to remind me of my commitment. And of course any comments and discussions are welcome! If you decide to subscribe to my blog, you’ll be able to keep up with new posts. And you certainly won’t be flooded by them 🙂 Stay in touch!


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